Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values



Be the pioneers and leaders in the development of a new agriculture of high yields in the harvests of all farmers.


To supply our customers with world class products and services at highly competitive prices, through our operational excellence and technological innovation, based on the passion and commitment of the best and most motivated team.


To produce more food and development for the region.

Principles, Beliefs and Values

At DISAGRO, we strive to live in accordance with the subsequent beliefs, values and principles:

  1. We believe in truth as an absolute principle.  We value the ability of our leaders and collaborators to use their judgment to distinguish between true and false, and between right and wrong.
  2. We value integrity as a principle that should guide the conduct of all the members of the organization.  We believe that a primary way to manifest integrity in an organization is to deliver the exact weight and measurement.  This is one way of earning the highly valued trust and loyalty of our customers. 
  3. We value justice and equity within the organization.  These are essential factors in achieving the best possible organizational climate, characterized by good fellowship amongst all collaborators; and their trust and loyalty towards the organization and their leaders.
  4. We believe in efficient, timely, sincere, and prudent communication; focused on the effective interchange of information aimed towards productivity in the company.
  5. We believe that in the multitude of counsel lies wisdom.  We value a climate of participation where the opinions of our collaborators are heard and our leaders involve them in the decision making process. We value constructive and fair criticism by means of a truthful and candid communication, which is geared towards the improvement of everything we do in the organization and towards the innovation of our products and services, seeking to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  6. We value diligence, that predisposition and spontaneous inclination to put oneself to work eagerly and with the best attitude; and so doing things with excellence from the start.  We believe diligence is an essential element for the company’s competitiveness, as it translates into tremendous productivity and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  7. We believe in a culture where order is promoted and respected; where clear policies, well structured systems and processes, and clearly defined responsibilities and obligations exist.
  8. We value respect towards authority, the hierarchical order in the organization.  We value discipline, heeding instruction and accepting correction; thus recognizing that these traits are fundamental to innovation and the incessant improvement of quality in everything we do.
  9. We believe we should treat others in the same way we want to be treated.  We value the respect for the dignity and integrity of individuals, and believe that collaborators should treat others in a cordial, educated and respectful manner.
  10. We believe in helping people in need.  In doing so we strive to use our abilities and experience as individuals and as an organization.
  11. We believe that our relationships with the communities in which we are part, with our customers, with our suppliers, and with investors in the company; should uphold the principles of integrity, righteousness, equity and order; so that these relationships are invariably characterized by mutual trust and loyalty.
  12. We believe in the Creator, the one and only true God; and we believe that the aforesaid principles radiate from Him.  We believe in His infinite wisdom and that when our thoughts are affirmed by Him, and with faith and humility we let ourselves be guided by His principles, it is possible to achieve extraordinary results because His power can manifest through us.