DISAGRO is aware of the fact that in order to achieve optimum crop nutrition levels, it is necessary to use different types of products. Therefore, we offer our clients three different types of fertilizers divided according to their composition and how they are applied: soil-based fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers and foliar fertilizers.

Our soil-based fertilizers are of the highest quality and reliability. DISAGRO offers blended fertilizers, homogenous compact fertilizers, chemical mixtures, and mono products. All of them have been designed to be directly applied to the soil, close to the roots, in order to enrich and encourage plant growth.

For farmers who require fertilizers that can be applied through fertigation, DISAGRO offers a wide range of water-soluble fertilizers. Our water-soluble fertilizers are guaranteed by our world-class providers and by DISAGRO.

Bearing in mind that farmers often encounter nutritional deficiencies that cannot be solved through radicular fertilization, we offer farmers a range of foliar fertilizers designed to cover foliar nutrition needs throughout the crop cycle and adapted to all kinds of agricultural specializations.