Hyster Forklift Trucks

Hyster, a powerful brand of forklift trucks for tough applications, ranging from portable containers and 52 MT container handlers to galvanized portable pallets especially designed to function in corrosive environments, has appointed DISAGRO as its exclusive distributor for every country in the region. This brand is thus part of DISAGRO’s powerful and reliable network of technical support and spare parts.

Hyster’s complete range of products, together with the ability that we have developed to offer our clients tailor-made solutions for the purchase or long-term rental of machinery has led them to trust us in terms of meeting their needs in terms of cargo movement.

Throughout the years, our strong emphasis on the provision of spare parts and technical support has led clients to trust DISAGRO and we have undoubtedly become the number one provider of all types of forklift trucks on the market. Being the only distributor in the region with the same brand of forklift truck in several countries has allowed us to become very dynamic in terms of the availability of spare parts and technical services for our clients. Due to the nature of our company’s operations, at DISAGRO’s machinery division we are aware of what having inactive machinery means in terms of time and money and as part of our corporate ethos we strive to improve the lifespan or availability of the machinery we offer our clients.