Sacos Agroindustriales understands its clients’ stringent demands, and for this reason we use the best available raw materials to produce our sacks and bags.  Our sacks are made using a mixture of plastic resins and diverse plastic additives that are extruded to produce raffia fiber, which is in turn woven and converted into different types of woven sacks.

These woven sacks are a very good alternative for the safe storage of flour, sugar, fertilizer, animal feeds, and other organic and inorganic grains, as well as for the storage and packaging for end consumer us of a myriad of construction industry raw materials such as cement.  Some specialty sacks known as "leno" bags are ideal for the packaging of vegetables and citrus fruits.

We offer our clients a wide range of traditional non-laminated and laminated sacks, with or without Polyethylene liner bags also manufactured in-house, as well as sacks for a specialized uses, such as block bottom sacks, valved sacks, easy open sacks, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) also known as big bags or super sacks, burlap and multifilament yarn.

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