Industrial Chemicals


We offer industrial clients world class raw materials at highly competitive prices. Our main clients are sugar producers, detergent manufacturers, textile manufacturers, and vulcanized tyre and paper manufacturers, among others.

Industrial Sulphur 

DISAGRO’s industrial sulphur is solid, granulated and yellow. Sulphur has various industrial uses such as: the production of sulphuric acid sulphonic acid used in the detergent manufacture industry, the manufacture of gunpowder, the vulcanization of rubber, paper bleaching and sugar whitening.

Industrial Salt

There are various types of salt that are different in terms of their purity and grain size. Industrial salt used for the production of bleach, for example; salt used to dye textiles; and medicinal salt. Industrial salt is commonly used to produce salt for human consumption, after it is refined and dipped in iodine.

Oxo biodegradable additives

d2w additive for the biodegradation of plastics

The technology behind d2w additive converts plastic, at the end of its service life, into a material that can be re-absorbed by the earth without causing any harm, through an oxo-biodegradation process.