Environmental Responsibility


In order to reduce environmental pollution we aim to reduce continuous waste both in the production and use of our products. By making the best possible use of all the materials used during the production process, we have completely eliminated environmental pollution from the production process. Our production process does not produce effluents; it is completely self-contained. Added to this, our production plants work under an environmental management system according to international rules and standards.

We constantly encourage those who use our products to put into practice the technology and agricultural techniques that allow them to make the best possible use of these supplies, thus minimizing any waste that can have a detrimental impact on the environment. This makes sense from an environmental point of view but it also makes sense from the farmers’ point of view, as it is in their best interest, financially, to optimize the use of the agricultural supplies purchased and avoid any waste that pollutes the environment.

We believe that by producing an increasing amount of food in the same surface area that is already used for agricultural production, the expansion of the agricultural frontier can be halted, thus minimizing the need to use forest and jungle areas for crop production.

DISAGRO believes in the use of clean energy but at the same time we acknowledge that carbon dioxide, in itself, is not a pollutant. Carbon dioxide is the substance that human beings exhale when breathing and it has a beneficial impact on the atmosphere as it plays a crucial role in plant’s photosynthesis process (both in forest land and in crops). We believe that claims regarding the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel are the main cause of the so-called greenhouse effect, now commonly referred to as climate change, are false and lack scientific basis. Our planet’s climate changes are due to other large-scale causes.

ISO 14001