This is a range of fertilizer that we have developed specifically to meet the needs of the aquaculture industry at a regional level. The fertilizers included in the Aquaculture Range are highly effective, they promote natural feed in fisheries, and they regulate oxygen levels and improve the quality of the water. Thus, better results can be obtained in terms of the growth and survival of the organisms grown in aquaculture pools.

Ferti Plus

Ferti Plus is a fertilizer used in aquaculture, it is 100% soluble and it is based on nitric nitrogen. It does not contain ammonium nitrate, unlike most fertilizer used for agriculture. Due to its chemical composition, it has a positive impact on the following aspects: it promotes the growth of phytoplankton and zooplankton; it regulates organic matter; and it is an immediate source of oxygen in this environment, all of which contributes to the greater stability of the fish farm.   

Silica Plus

Silica-Lake boosts and regulates a specific group of phytoplankton called Diatomea, which is a natural source of nourishment for aquatic organisms. Diatomea is highly nutritional and it is highly rich in proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it has a positive impact on the following aspects: it improves the feed conversion ratio and it reduces the growth of undesirable types of phytoplankton.